Umberto Bruno S.p.A.

UmbertoBruno.Ltd a research study on the importance of domain names and their protection. A NetWork or NetWorld ! We don’t know exactly, but is the story of a lost Domain, found again in England, today we decided to create this important communication channel of the Italian Brand in England. An exciting journey into the deep world wide web , into the abyss . A study resulting from a large Energy Drink called Red Bull and an Italian Soft Drink called Crodino. A dive into Chromotherapy of colors , of words that make facts and not words that fly in the wind . Silent for two years. But then comes the History of Venus in Italy. And the whole world talks about it. Thus Umberto Bruno S.p.A. remain in the Silence of the deep search of the Image !!! This is the story of Umberto Bruno’s All Women. Of a book that will soon be available. 10 years of silence in Italy , 2 years in England a silence called poetry . This is what this Brand has achieved here in two and a half years. He had lost a Domain Name, he found it again, he began to drink Red Bull and granted 500 exclusively. Let’s hope so !!! Otherwise buy the book.

” All fault of Facebook and Professor Carlo “


Posterity will judge . If you cannot physically Emigrate. At least do it with your mind.

Welcome to England.