Umberto Bruno S.p.A.

The history of the Territorial Twins was a cocktail of languages, the places and the extraterrestrial people met in the English territory where we lived and worked were a return to the past with different visions in the future, we studied English, the importance of words , the value of words of the things of the experiences , of the mistakes , of the miracles that have allowed us to overcome the curses . Leaving from Southern Italy and feeling at home here in England among a thousand colors and billions of traditions was this land’s first great gift. You will never forget your memories, your roots, for this reason I wanted to twin the OxfordShire in Salento, and Oxford in Lecce, my city in the Apulia Region where Italy ends but where I started from.

These years in England must have been tragic, comical and fun, but unforgettable, I don’t think I can ever experience similar emotions again in my life, when you emigrate it’s like when you fall in love, and you will never forget your first love. Oxfordshire was that land that put the turbo back into my body and mind. Now it’s time to stop but after a long time and plan. One’s own life, it’s not easy to emigrate, but that verb remains from which you can come out victorious or defeated, In any case you will have tried. And this is how twinnings have helped me and are helping me to keep the relationship with Italy tied and produce others with the rest of the world. I have never been able to afford to travel due to time constraints, there was no time. I believe that emigrating is a luxury linked to the choice of falling or flying. I thank all the people I met and I thank all the communities where I lived in this magical country where I got lost.

There will be millions of beautiful things in life, beautiful women, beautiful cars, a beautiful house, a beautiful boat, more or less from life I had had everything, I was tired but very tired, and it happens that you decide to leave, and what you consider today your result is to know this new language that opens your horizons. H24 It wasn’t a joke, we were even further in this experience. But he gave us the courage to be able to believe in a more beautiful world, ours, what we wanted .

I go out to the bar. See you all at the ROXI Bar around the world, who knows where the colors will take us again. Emigrate, it’s just my simple advice, and if you don’t do it physically, at least emigrate with your mind. Yeah, I’m still here’ . Where am I ?

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