Umberto Bruno S.p.A.

“Another way of seeing things” has always been a slogan imprinted on the skin of this Italian brand which lands in England in September 2020 and never returns to its magical wonderful beloved Italy. There are billions of reasons that have transformed the vision of the world of this old Italian creative group that has always attached particular importance to Made in Italy in all its forms. Sometimes life can give you nice gifts that you hold on to tightly. Carmelo Rizzo CEO and interpreter of this responsibility in various ways understands flying to England many, many issues, beyond the new language now well preached, beyond new knowledge, beyond words, beyond prejudices, above all also victim and Clandestine in an England which celebrated a Platinum Queen Elizabeth in 2022. Finally Regular from August 13, 2022, he starts with the presentation of his mission let’s call it Mission it’s never just a but. The decision to leave Italy derives from an inner surrender to one’s ideas, so a train passes and lands it in an unknown land to carry out the work of a very simple manual laborer in English shipyards. Didcot was the first large town where he lived on Broadway Street, the central main street of the town in the province of Oxford. Didcot’s most Billionaire house considered it. Certainly in Didcot for Umberto Bruno it was like going to the University every day with the most beautiful shopping center 100 steps from home. How many Stories of Redbull ever drunk before and how many poems for Crodino Drink always preferred by this lost Brand Salentino. His Mind between construction sites by day and computers by night returns to Emigrate with the Mind takes up the personal computer and studies his crazy visionary Bankruptcy Billionaire Ideas. Thus the very famous Laborer of the Year begins to think of new EXtraterrestrial strategies, the construction sites immediately attract him like the locals, but it is the houses and the methods of building that fascinate him a lot, as well as a new civilization called Monarchy but which isn’t true, it’s a lie. He follows the advice of a friend of his who says before leaving: “I recommend Umberto Bruno, now that you will go to England, let yourself be loved by the English” who are billionaires. So poor Umberto Bruno did none of this, he began to turn his life upside down and face it as if it were a great challenge as if he were on that last resort. So in two years blessed for millions of things cursed but blessed the same for other reasons including the 2022 clandestinity, from 28 April 2023 he founded his Limited and this is already a problem for the unlimited mind of this different creative circus itinerant . Immediately after the first days to obtain the CS Labourer’s Card CS feels at ease in the new land, he does not know the language, not even the trade, even if he was born in construction, obviously there are different methods, but in England he knows the magical Bricks !!! A kind of Lego Buildings. From the very beginning he begins to enjoy himself while all the rest complained more than anything else, strangely the Mustache enjoyed himself on construction sites, he said he knew the English, the new EXtraterrestrial people. And so he faces this journey. 90 Kg in September 2020 June 2021 61 Kg . We don’t know this well for the subject that everyone called Caramella upon his arrival, but probably the hunger to run without stopping burned the calories of sweet Red Bull sandwiches and dreaming of his beloved Crodini.